Hand Walking Tire Run

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Here is an interesting way to practice your walking on your hands. It involves making a little course with tires. This is commonly done in football and the military (at least in the movies), for increasing foot speed and accuracy as you step through the tires. So why not try it on the hands?

By doing this your steps will have to come up more and stretch further than most people do when simply walking on the hands. Thus it will take more control and balance to do. As you can see here they not only walk through the course but do a 180 degree pirouette and return through, doing it as many times as possible.

And to add more challenge its done in a competition manner.

Has anyone else done this? Comment below.


  1. I recognize this gymnasium. It is Hayes Gym at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. The gentlemen in the clip are physical education instructors at the school. While hand-walking the tire run is not part of the curriculum, cadets are required to take a course in gymnastics during their freshman year. As part of this course, cadets are taught basic tumbling, hand-balancing, rings, vault, etc. The tire run seen in the video is part of the obstacle course (maneuvered on foot, of course).

    1. @Colby: Thanks for sharing Colby. I think that’s awesome gymnastics are included in the curriculum. It would be great to have in normal schools too in my opinion, even just the most basic stuff.

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