Handstand Benefits

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There are many handstand benefits. For this article we’ll be splitting it up into doing the handstand against the wall and doing the handstand freestanding. I make no claims that this is an exhaustive list.

Reverse Handstand

The reverse handstand, one version of the wall handstand.

Wall Handstand Benefits

  • Builds a beginner level coordination and balanceĀ  – When you’re starting out a handstand can be tricky even though the wall is supporting you. When you get use to the position it will be easy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t give you coordination and balance that other people don’t have.
  • Great as a lead-up stunt to handstand pushups or freestanding handstands – Want to work up to harder stunts? You have to start here, and if you move past it too fast you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  • Teaches you proper body positioning for the handstand – No better way to work on that position you need then against the wall.
  • Shows you how to support your bodyweight on your hands – The handstand itself doesn’t take a whole lot of muscular strength. That’s because you rely more on your bone structure, but you have to learn how to use it properly.
  • Can be used to build shoulder flexibility – Especially if you’re going after a straight handstand you’re going to have to open up those shoulders. That can be done in the handstand itself.
  • Get the benefits of inversion – Inversion comes with a number of benefits according to the yogic tradition. Not only is it fun to spend time on your hands but its good for your health too.

Sig Klein doing a Freestand Handstand

Benefits of Freestanding Handstands

  • All of the above plus…
  • Builds a more advanced level coordination and balance – Unless you start as a child you’ll find that learning to stand on your hands is quite difficult. The balance required is big, compared to against a wall, not compared to a one hand handstand. For a lot more details on how to make it progressive check out my Secrets of the Handstand System.
  • The foundation needed for all other hand balancing movements – Don’t try to move onto handstand presses or walking on your hands without first building a good base. I recommend at least a 30 second hold in one stationary spot.
  • An impressive skill few people can do – To me the handstand is nothing, but when I’m out practicing people are always wowed by it. It’s served as a great conversation started in many cases, and you’re sure to get lots of friendly comments like “That’s awesome!” from being capable of doing this skill.
  • Strengthens the wrists and fingers – You need to learn how to balance with your hands and fingers. Those are the prime movers in keeping you in balance and they’ll become stronger (and more flexible) because of it.

So there we have it. At least ten different handstand benefits you can easily gain from practicing these skills. Want even more? Here are more benefits from hand balancing in general.

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