Handstand Games

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Hand balancing is fun. If you can even more fun to your training why not do it? That’s where handstand games can come into play.

We’ll list some handstand games here, but you can come up with your own. Creativity is key!

For any of these games you’ll need two or more people who are approximately at the same level of handstand ability. If one person is way better then another you may need to come up with some other games, as these are best for evenly matched opponents.

Timed Holds
Hold a handstand for time. This can be a regular handstand or a different position from normal. Both people start at the same time and the longer hold wins.

Handstand HORSE
You’ve likely played the basketball game of horse sometime in the past. This is where a person gets a letter if they can’t match what their opponent does. The first person to spell the word HORSE loses. Instead of trying trick shots you’ll do any handstand skill. This can involve holds, walking, hopping, presses, different positions and anything else you can think of.

Handstand Race
There are a couple variations of this game. You an an opponent can go for time and thus speed while handstand walking or running. You can cover a distance and whoever gets there in the least number of attempts would win.

Obstacle Course
This is a great one in a gym where you can easily setup steps or objects to circumnavigate. See who can get through the entire course within falling out of a handstand.

Handstand Battles
This involves actually trying to take the other person out of the handstand while you remain in it. Warning this is more dangerous then any of the other games.

This video with Roger Harrell from Crossfit may give you more ideas of handstand games to play.

Try out some of these games with your friends. You’ll have fun while improving your skills.

If you want more details on how to do all these hand balancing skills and more then I recommend you check out the Hand Balancing Mastery Course.


  1. There are certain things that can really offer satisfaction for people and though handstanding may not look as demanding as other extreme types of sports, it cannot be denied that it will take training and time to be able to perform the stunt well.

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