I Can’t Even Do One Pushup

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Are you screaming to yourself, “I Can’t Even Do One Pushups!” If that’s the case, have no fear, as this video and article will show you how to get there, with a little bit of work.

This video shows you a step by step approach to training to do a complete pushup.

I Can’t Even Do One Pushup Video

You can start against the wall. Everyone should be able to do this step. The problem is that most people don’t find they’re feeling this movement much. So what do you do? You go a little lower. As was seen in this pushup video, you can use the back of a stable chair. Counter tops will also work for this purpose. Just be sure to keep your body straight and push with your arms and chest.

As this becomes easy you move a little lower. Although four steps are shown in this video, you can break down the progressions in this movement into as many as you need. Just a few inches at a time will take some time, but is a sure method to doing a pushup.

At each point working up to a set number of reps like 10 repetitions, is great. When you hit that number, it’s time to lower where your hands are and the angle of your body to the ground.

There are other methods, like doing knee pushups. The only problem with those for those people that can’t even do one pushup, is that the jump from the knees to a regular pushup is big. And even the knees pushup is beyond some people.

This can be trained each day. If you find yourself getting too sore, you’ll definitely want to take some rest, but by spreading out the working and practicing on it a lot you should be able to do full pushups soon. If you can’t do one pushup, this is your training plan.


  1. You’re a genius! I love this idea. I’ve been struggling for over a year (I’m not kidding) to do a single push up. Still can’t. But I totally understand why following THIS will work. Thanks for sharing

  2. i have always been struggeling with doing pushups (i can barely do one before my arms give in), but i am confident that starting out as you described just now will work 😉

  3. what you said is true! i cannot even complete a few knee pushups! this sounds like a good idea i will definitely try it.

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