Super Human Workshop Recap

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Wow! What a weekend. In Tallahassee, Florida we held the second annual Super Human Training Workshop at Laurel Blackburn’s Boot Camp Training and Fitness facility. Let me start by saying that if you live in the area, you should check it out. It’s a large and well equipped gym that would make any fitness nut happy.

The event was kicked off with a strongman performance. Below you can check out some of the pictures that made it into the press.

Wrestlers Bridge Supporting Weight

I Support a Total of Four Bells

Human Cyclone

Bud Jeffries taking a Barbell and Two Riders for a Spin

Noah Jeffries Bending

Noah Jeffries Gets Intense for a Red Nail Bend

Noah Jeffries Teeth Bend

Noah and the Gorilla on his Shirt like to Bend Things

For many of our participants it was the first show they ever performed in. It included a wide variety of feats of strength, including one combination one that we created that day, the so called Juggling Bridge of Death. We literally thought of the idea, experimented with how we could do it, then performed it later that night.

Juggling Bridge of Death

An Odd Combination Feat of Strength we created that day

The next day we started off with I Will Be Iron Advanced. Using the new book as the starting point, he showed how to use its principles with other kettle bell exercises. This is something I’m going to be doing more experimentation with myself.

That was the perfect lead-in to some kettlebell juggling. I coached several people through moves they had never done before, whether the first flip, behind the hip, or a flip to bottoms up catch.

Later I covered my main presentation of How to Identify, Use, and Change 20 Mental Frames for Diet and Training Success. This was off the beaten path for a training seminar, yet information you absolutely should understand about yourself (and others for trainers) in order to get the best possible results.

We ended that day with a guest presentation from Frank Dimeo from Crossfit Gulf Coast showing some inventive exercises and then an amazing conditioning workout.

The next day Bud launched into the most in-depth coverage of all forms of Isometrics, probably ever covered. Everyone was blown away by the possibilities here. I will be implementing several of these ideas immediately into my own training. And of course I’ll tell you all about that later. The wide variety of different kinds of isometrics and how you could use them to target weak points on any exercise may be the missing key for many people’s training, myself included.

After lunch, Ryan Pitts from Strongergrip showed us a wide variety of grip tools and ideas on how to train them. Many were with common implements everyone will find at their gym. He then showed some cool rope climbing tricks. This led to a couple bloopers which I’m happy to have posted below.

(It’s funny, that the first video clip I post from the event was me falling on my ass, but it gets funnier every time I watch it. Don’t worry no one was seriously injured.)

Noah also took a bad spill shortly after me. Ryan finished up with some great Mace and Club swinging demonstrations.

We finished the day with Scrolling taught by Noah, Bud’s son. At the age of just 15, Noah is already among the top benders in the world. Not to mention a great shot with a gun!

There was a great group of people there and everyone had lots of fun. Besides the presentations there was tons of other work during the breaks and before and after the event. The number of PR’s set that weekend by everyone (and not just on new stuff) was beyond count.

A number of people have already contacted me about if the video is available. Let me tell you that I’m hard at work on it. In the meantime, go here and signup on the page. You’ll get exclusive clips from the workshop and then later when they are ready the chance to pickup the complete DVD set.

Go and sign up here. These videos will only be up for a limited time so check it out while you can.

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