Handstand Walk Substitutions

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If you can’t walk on your hands specifically, here are a couple exercises that are handstand walk substitutions.

They require much less balance then walking out in the open, but still train the same muscles and support ability needed.

#1 – Walk laterally in a handstand across a wall. Here is an example.

#2 – Walk vertically up into a handstand and down from a pushup position.

Both these are great exercises most people can do, even if they haven’t learned how to balance in a handstand yet.

If you don’t have the strength to support yourself in these positions yet, you can also do animal movements, which take some of the weight onto the hands which will build up your ability until you can support yourself.


  1. Thanks, these look great! 🙂

    I am working following your awesome Secrets of the Handstand book, and making good progress, by the way. 🙂

  2. Logan–
    I’m glad you found those wall walking variations helpful!
    Thanks for having me as one of your presenters at the Super Human Training Workshop 2!

  3. Love these moves! The lateral wall walk esp. I’ve been stuck doing handstands against a wall for a while now, but I feel so much more confident in moving around in the handstand after trying this exercise.

    1. Author

      @Rob White: Anywhere you can make some progress is good progress. These are great exercises, especially to start with.

      @Frank DiMeo: Yep. When you presented was the first I’d seen them covered like that. Good for people to know.

      @Jean-Luc: Glad to hear of your progress.

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