Holiday Strongman Performance

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When you’re starting out you’ve got to get some practice doing feats of strength in front of others. It can be a different beast on a stage versus in the comfort of your own home.

This past Friday night I had an opportunity to test out one of my newest feats in front of an audience. In fact I had never done this particular feat in this manner before.

At my former place of employment I did a show for the holidays. My cameraman wasn’t paying attention so its out of focus to start but it gets better the second half.

This video features a phonebook torn into thirds and the finale. I took a recent feat of mine and added a twist by supporting weight while doing it.

Can you see the piece of concrete that flies off and cuts my chin?

Judging by the crowd’s reaction it was quite a success.

In 2009 I’ll be working towards doing many more shows like this. Using my strength to entertain and inspire others.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


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