Moving Handstands

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When you first get started with the handstand all you want to do is strive to hold it for a longer and longer time. In the beginning that may just be five seconds.

As you get better you’ll eventually reach half a minute, a full minute and even beyond that too.

But is that the best way to make progress in hand balancing? Probably not.

At a certain point to improve your game you should be go outside of the regular handstand. Instead of holding the regular position without moving, purposefully move your legs around. Arch your back more or straighten it out. Break that shoulder angle.

You see its one thing to balance standing still but another thing to keep that balance as you change your position.

So focus on not moving when you’re starting out, but after you’ve hit 30 seconds or so start moving with purpose.

When you can balance from any position you are well on your way.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you want tons of positions for you to practice be sure to check out Hand Balancing Made Easy by Prof. Orlick.

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