Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days

How I Learned to do the Back Flip

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I’m not the best at backflips in the world…

But I can do them standing anywhere and anytime.

I mentioned this at a recent seminar I was attending and was asked to prove it. Even though it has actually been a few months since my last back flip I went outside and did it then.

That got me thinking…

You can do a search online and find out the form for aback flip just about anywhere.

But that won’t help you at all!

Instead you need a step by step progression you can follow in order to gain this skill.

I went from being scared sh*tless to even go backwards on a trampoline to where I am now. How did I do it?

For me it was nine steps of progression. At the time I attending a gymnastics facility and had the proper tools and spotters there to do it.

That full plan is laid out in this book.


But what if you don’t have any equipment or spotters? Although a bit trickier it can still be done. That is laid out in the book as well.

In fact there are three total plans to attain this skills in the book.

Plus you’ll learn how to spot, all about optional equipment that can help you, the back handspring and more advanced skills to go for once you have the back flip down. I even teach you what to do to overcome the fear that happens with this move.

It’s a small book jam packed with everything I know on the topic. Grab it now for a special discount only available for a limited time.

You can buy the ebook here.

Its also available on Amazon as a paperback and for the Kindle here.

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