1. Logan, to me it seems like keeping your feet against the wall and bending your knees through the press is easier than keeping your knees straight and sliding the back of your heels along the wall. I don’t know if it’s because of the (relatively negligible) weight of the legs below the knee that isn’t being moved as much, or if the small amount of friction of your feet on the wall allows them to help “pull” you up, or a combination of both (or what)…anyway, what are your thoughts? Is there a particular reason why you do this with your feet, or is it just for comfort/preference?



    PS I saw your video with your PR of 4 free standing HeSPU and 8 HSPU against the wall, great work man! I’m still working on getting my first HSPU myself. I’m curious, are you going to work on the 90 degree push up? I know one of your goals is the planche, and it seems like the development you’ve achieved in the practices of handstand push ups and planche training are coming to a point where you can start working on that exercise.

    1. Author

      Yes I agree that this will be slightly easier. The reason I do it is out of habit more than anything. In most places when I kick up on to chairs there isn’t enough overhead clearance to be fully extended.

      The 90 degree pushup will be a future goal. Still have lots of other goals to hit before I even begin thinking about that one.

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