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The other day I was talking with a friend about cancer.

This may sound overly optimistic or even egotistical but here is a statement I said.

“If I was diagnosed with cancer I have zero doubt in my mind that I could cure it.”

What allows me to make such a claim? My experience and knowledge. And I wouldn’t even consider myself a real expert on the subject.

Lung Cancer Xray

An xray showing lung cancer.

Alas, it wasn’t always this way. As some reading this may know, a few years back my mother passed away due to breast cancer after surviving it for about 8 years always going the conventional treatment route. After all, she was a nurse, and if you didn’t trust your own profession what would you do?

Unfortunately I was only just beginning on my journey of learning about disease, nutrition and health back then. I have to thank my mother for giving me that lesson, because without it I wouldn’t have learned all the wonderful things I now know, that lead me to making that claim.

And it’s not that I would know exactly what to do. I have lots of ideas of great places to start such as:

  • Cutting out 100% of sugar from my diet
  • Loading up on medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, chaga, turkey tail and other powerful herbs
  • Working on the problem energetically
  • Analyzing my life and mindset for what beliefs, circumstances, etc. led to this development
  • And so on

Then I would continue to get tested for feedback on how well it was all working.

Even if nothing I did worked, I would find what would. I remember reading about one study that showed that those who believed they’d beat cancer, regardless of going conventional or alternative routes, on average did much better than those that did not.

Unfortunately, I cannot pass on this confidence and ability to other people…unless they have open ears to hear it. And sadly, most do not. Occasionally I hear others talk about how so-an-so found out they have cancer (or insert XYZ disease her) and how sad that is. I’ve learned to not offer any help unless it is asked, because they simply won’t listen.

I don’t even see it as sad to tell you the truth. That person more than likely needs a wake-up call that a disease can trigger, though most people do not wake-up. Oh well, there’s always next time…

There are so many “cancer cures” out there that you could get lost just researching them all. Sure there is a fair share of snake-oil and mis-information out there too so its not always easy to know what to do. But do something. Do lots of something. And be persistent.

There will never be a point where you’ve tried everything.

Even if you decide to go with the conventional route and get chemotherapy or radiation understand that alternative therapies can help that as well. There’s Russian research showing how Chaga (an amazing medicinal mushroom) when taken in conjunction with chemo lessened side effects and increased success of the treatments.


And always be on the look-out for new possibilities of what you may need to do in the future.

The other day I was connected with Nick Polizzi who produced a documentary called The Sacred Science. It’s all about a group of people suffering from various diseases who visit real Shamans living in the Amazon for a month.

The Sacred Science

For all of our knowledge and technology we don’t even come close to understanding natural medicine on the levels that these people do.

If you get cancer should visiting a shaman be the first thing you do? Probably not, but it is something that is available.

If you want to go on an adventure I’d suggest watching this film. There’s some pretty interesting stuff and a turn I didn’t expect to see.

It just goes to show that there are many more possibilities than what most people are willing to look at.

I do everything I can do to prevent myself from getting cancer. Yet if I did, it would be like a big fire was lit under my ass and I would take MASSIVE ACTION until I was even healthier than before.

I hope the you can say the same yourself. I wish more people did. But if nothing else we can all lead by example.


  1. I agree that mindset makes a difference. I would add that prevention is better than cure. Just being a healthy weight, doing a little exercise and staying away from smoking would make somebody significantly less likely to ever get cancer and if they did, they would probably have a much better chance of survival.

  2. Thanks, Logan, for that very personal article on cancer.

    I happen to agree with you. Our thoughts, emotions and our philosophy toward life and attitude toward God and our brethren does impact on our physical health.

    What we eat everyday also contributes to, or prevents disease.

  3. I agree with both yo you Pat and Bryan. There’s a little bit of prevention and nutrition in this article, but I didn’t want to take the time to lay out every single thing I do and would do.

  4. Rick Simpsons hemp oil.
    Stimulation of the endocannabinoid system we all have in us.
    Peace 🙂

    1. Yeah I’ve heard of hemp oil, though never researched it in depth. Thanks for reminding me. One more thing to add to the list!

  5. The latest cancer cure:
    (I personally know of many) but this one is cheap and easy. Baking soda ingested with pure dark maple syrup. The cells open up when sugar is introduced and the baking soda kills the cancer.
    A man was cured from bone cancer recently by doing this. He was sent home to die cuz they could do nothing for him. A few weeks later, he is 100% healthy.
    Cancer is just a joke that the PTB want you to fear.

    1. Hadn’t heard of that one before. Thanks for sharing Davy. Can you share what sort of amounts and frequency are to be used with this?

    1. Author

      Thanks Gord. Haven;t seen that one but I’ll check it out. From the title I’m guessing it will be much of what I already know but I’m alway open to learning just a little bit more.

  6. Thanks Logan for your article, I enjoy reading about people who live a healthy lifestyle and practice it everyday, there are so many people who don’t, they take better care of their cars than they do their body. I do my KB swings, hindu pushups, handstand push ups, etc. at work, my coworkers mostly just smirk at me, as they take another bite of their donut, washed down with a coke. Our healthcare system would save millions if more people would embrace a lifestyle that you and all who follow you embrace.

  7. I agree 100% w/ all you listed as important, even more so for prevention. But

    “If I was diagnosed with cancer I have zero doubt in my mind that I could cure it.”

    I would call that whistling in the dark. Much of our cancer risk comes to us epigenetically, from exposures (diet and otherwise) that our mothers, grandmothers, and maybe even further back than that. Much of our risk comes from our childhood exposures and diet. You can stack the deck in your favor quite a bit, but not guarantees on the outcome. We’re all going to die eventually and something has to break to cause it. Hopefully it will be that something just finally wears out after 90 or more years but really, ya never know… After over 25 years as an alternative medical practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I have seen many who did everything right and still died, and some who did much wrong and recovered. Go figure…

    1. “We’re all going to die eventually.” Not if you listen to Peter Ragnar or the legends of some immortals. But even if that’s not the case I think it can be much by choice later in life. I myself plan to live well over 100 years of age. Got too much I want to do. I recognize that some things may be beyond our control, but I also think too many people get trapped in a singular paradigm, that if that doesn’t work they don’t look elsewhere.

    2. Totally agree Geoffrey. Believing cancer’s ‘all in the mind’ amounts to saying those who died from cancer got it from bad lifestyle choices and then succumbed to it because of negative thoughts. So not true. There are many forms of cancer and many people who live healthily get cancer and many people with positive mind-sets die from cancer. When someone then says ‘no we don’t have to die eventually’, hmm, I start to question their whole philosophy. I’ve read many books written by people who wanted to live to 120 but died in their 70s or even earlier. Life’s a mysterious process, and, sure, we want to try the best we can to live happy healthy and long lives, but there are no guarantees.

      1. Author

        Well the truth is “most” people who get cancer, it is from lifestyle choices and mindset! There are exceptions to this of course.

        Also note that I don’t really talk about positive mindset in this article. What I was referring to is to go much deeper than to take a ‘Polyanna-ish’ attitude. May people who preach positive attitudes are incongruent at least on some level. The mindset stuff I’m referring to has to do with going through the negative most of the time.

        Just like many people think they’re eating healthy, but they’re mis-informed. “Lean cuisines are healthy, right?” and much less obvious examples. Of course I’m not claiming to have all the answers. I recognize that I don’t. Just like with the immortality thing. Do I think that’s real? I haven’t seen any proof, but I’m open to the possibilities of it. Look at what Peter Ragnar, someone who does believe it, has accomplished with his health and life…

        Sure, there are some things beyond our control, but much more is within our control if you’re willing to go outside conventional anything. I suggest you check out the book Beliefs by Robert Dilts and his story of helping his mother from Stage 4 cancer starting with the mindset first.

  8. 100% agree. I have not gone out looking for cancer cures but seem to come across them every few months.

    I just met a man who says that his father was given 6 weeks to live (prostate cancer). His father went on to beat that cancer. He did it with a diet centred around tomatoes and a positive attitude. He said he did not have time to die. The doctors now want to study him and his diet.

    Then just yesterday I read about some studies on Red Palm Oil. The red being the same product that makes tomatoes red and carrots orange.

    1. Author

      A tomato diet and red palm oil are new to me. Though the beta carotene, is familiar as the Wigmore people did lots of carrot juice. Lycopene is another part of that, which is also abundant in watermelon.

      I really like the part of him saying “I did not have time to die”. That’s really most likely the important part.

  9. Disease isn’t a mystery. you CAUSE disease, and you can UNCAUSE it. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. There’s no money in the cure. But the cure is simple. I know many that have reversed even stage 4 cancer through following simple health principles. A 28 day plan changing the diet and a 14 day juice fast.

    There are many totally regenerating their health and all their illnesses go away. no cut burn or poison.

    There is big dollars in keeping disease a mystery. We use medication to shut down symptoms, which doesn’t address the CAUSE. symptoms are the release of an offense. to shut them down is to shut down the healing system of the body.

    Cancer is simply your body’s self-healing autogenic system acting brilliantly to protect you from your bad habits. symptoms are the body’s response, they aren’t some magic mysterious germ that floats in from taiwan and attaches to you!

    1. Author

      Agreed. Luckily more and more people are becoming aware of this fact but it still may be awhile before the majority recognize it.

  10. Logan – You are a really valuable asset to the health and personal training world! Your approach to things is truly refreshing, and – dare I say it – necessary in the training environment today.

    Hope all things are going well

  11. Way to go Logan!
    My guess is that there are more people taking their health in their hands that I can think of. Because we dont hear of them much, in the news or publicly.
    I do meet some here and there. Also, just like me, they only started to do something about it because of health issues starting to show up as years went by. Well, that is the naturel (human ) man in all of us versus the spiritual that need to be stired up. Better late than never. I started to look into that stuff in 1998 when different issues where happening
    and change my diet…
    Now I am 63 and have no health issues and hope to live till 100
    minimun. Avoiding sugar, nothing cook in oïl, no smoking, no alcool. Eating products
    as close to when it is produce. No processed food (at least the less possible) even sea salt should not be altered. and so on
    Even if people do not do this perfectly, it is in the right direction.
    God bless those who help themselve and others.

    ps: what is not acceptable to me is people or agency or organisation or goverment taking
    my informed choices away.

  12. Hi Logan – love your approach to this. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer – sarcoma of the sphenoid bone. A blast with everything they had approach was what I was told was my only chance. It would be my lifetime’s limit of treatment and if that didn’t work, well we can give you palliative care. After 8 months of aggressive chemo, my symptoms had gone but the tumour hadn’t really shrunk. Next on the list was aggressive targeted radiotherapy. At this stage I balked. This would cause me definite damage and still only possibly give me a couple of years. I declined – started following the Budwig Protocol and have since morphed this with paleo, exercise and psychological strategies to manage my health. 4 Years down the line I am playing team squash, weight training and learning gymnastics / acrobatics ( I am 47). I’ve constantly been looking for approaches to health and fitness that do not break the body down and that will keep my training beneficial and sustainable. I recently found your site through doing the Smarter Strength course with Adam Glass. The biofeedback approach is a more sophisticated way of doing what I had been doing and it’s great to find people who have health as a priority. Keep up the good work. Ps – my oncologist who initially told me there was nothing I could do to help myself now ALMOST wants to know what I am doing. I suspect his ties to a pharmaceutical approach means he’ll never actually ask.

    To Geoffrey – “Much of our cancer risk comes to us epigenetically” – I agree wholeheartedly with this but the key word is “risk”. Epigentic risks can be mitigated by lifestyle and also if you actually get full blown cancer how you approach it can change your chances of survival. Medicine has been reluctant to acknowledge the interactive role of mind and body and how what we think, eat and do affects our health. Until all of these factors and possible more are taken into account modern disease will always be an issue – an extremely profitable one at that for some people.

    1. Author

      Awesome story Mikey. This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

    1. Author

      I agree. Much better ways of prevention than lopping off body parts. When you live in fear you’ll do some stupid things.

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