Podcast: Al Kavadlo on Bodyweight Training

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The latest podcast had me very excited. I got to interview Al Kavadlo, who if you’re not familiar with, is quite the bodyweight trainer. We discuss his training in some detail and find out how its actually quite similar to mine. Great minds think alike 🙂

  • The number one key factor in becoming successful at high strength and skill moves
  • Should you focus on the basics or on the hardest skills you can do?
  • The value in higher volume training
  • Keeping yourself focused on the right skills to be doing
  • How to make sure your body is balanced and you don’t over do certain skills
  • Making fitness part of your identity and everyday life
  • What Al’s workouts look like
  • And much more


Grab Al’s newest book Pushing the Limits here.


Also check out the brand new Progressive Calisthenics Certification upcoming in August. I’ll see you there!


Click here to access the complete transcript.

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