How To Get Up Off Ground without Hands

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Getting up off the ground without the use of your hands is a basic human movement skill that everyone ought to be able to do.

In this video I walk through some of the methods of doing so, and training for it if you’re not able to do so at this time.

Even if you’ve lost this natural ability (just watch how easy children can do it) you can gain it back. The cross-leg sit to stand was shown to be a predictor of less death from all causes. But it is just one of many possible methods.

You can learn more about that study and these many methods in the Stand Up Challenge.

Getting up and down off the ground with or without the hands can be adapted to all levels of fitness and ability.

Some other natural human moves everyone ought to be able to do include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Jumping
  • Squat and stay in that position
  • Roll in every direction (8 of them)

Slightly more challenging but still attainable are these:

  • Swimming
  • Push ups
  • Chin ups
  • Headstands
  • Gymnastic & Wrestlers Bridge
  • Moving each joint separately

This is what I consider to be the most basic list of moves that everyone should be able to perform. Can you do all of these without much effort?

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