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I know some people think of this is “woo-woo.” But it’s not. There is a significant amount of research showing it works, even if Wikipedia continues to blackball such research.

I’m talking about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, which is one form of energy psychology.

Energy psychology is largely based on two things. One is western psychology where it borrows ideas like secondary gains and psychological reversals. The other is Chinese Medicine, specifically the art of acupuncture. In tapping, no needles are used, but you are accessing the same acupressure points. Just by massaging or tapping on these points you can get results.

Acupuncture has been studied and shown to be effective in many, many cases over the years (though not all…science is tough). And the actual points have been studied themselves. Using today’s electronic equipment they were found to have a lower electrical resistance then at other points in the body.

These points correspond to the meridians, which are energy pathways on the body (and actually a better translation than point is the word hollow). According to Chinese Medicine, these pathways provide the channels for Qi to flow in the body to the major organs and everywhere else as needed. I also recently saw a study that found some of the meridian lines were physically reflected in the fascia surrounding the muscles.

By working with certain points you can regulate, bring up or bring down the given meridian pathway. Don’t worry, you won’t have to study charts or learn all the meridians in order to be able to use meridian tapping. It’s been simplified even from the first methods, to include a set of basic points which are mostly the start or endpoints of certain meridians. When you learn these points you won’t need anything else (in the vast majority of cases).

If you want a western view of how it works here it is. By tapping on the points while you hold a stressor in your mind, you’re sending an electric signal to the brain that basically recodes it so that the issue no longer creates a problem. So it’s working as a form of neurological restructuring.

But this model leaves energy out (the more subtle forms besides electricity) which through my experience, and that of many other people, is what is really going on in energy psychology.

(Even if it is all placebo, which I don’t believe, who cares as long as it works! This technique only takes a minute of your time. And it is worth understand placebo research on a deeper level. See this article:

After all the basic premise of tapping is “All negative emotions are a disruption in the body’s energy field.”

When you have any sort of trauma in your life this causes disruptions in your energies. Now it can be in the meridians or in the body’s other energy fields. But with tapping you’re able to access and change your energies and clear out these disruptions. In many cases these energetic disruptions start to cause physical problems too and later we’ll be talking about some of those specifics and how to deal with them.

The thing is this doesn’t adequately describe all that happens, because the method covered in this newsletter is not focused on trauma, but really only on the positive outcome desired.

EFT is the most popular of the methods, and the one I got certified in. But it is one of many. And anyone that starts practicing tapping ultimately makes some tweaks to the standard methods in order to personalize it.

There is a WHOLE LOT you can do with EFT. But my aim isn’t to cover everything.

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