How to Punch Harder

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This video is all about how to punch harder. Of course, the most important aspect of this is to learn the proper punching technique so you can translate all that body power into your target.

The key to this is to use your body power and strike from the hip.

You can only learn how to punch harder if you already have a solid punching technique. The second most important aspect would be wrists strength which is not just about hitting harder, but also for preventing possible injuries. One of the best exercises for wrists strength are sledgehammer holds – just grab the sledgehammer at the middle in a horizontal position and hold it there.

Some people often assume that the tricep is used for punching power, but that’s far from the truth – your true punching power lies in the punch from the hips. So, what can you do to improve hip power? It’s quite simple – just do kettlebell swings. Using this exercise, you are directly practicing explosive movements needed to throw a harder punch.

You can also do a sort of a weighted hip extension in a split stance, like shown in the video above, to strengthen your hips and improve the explosiveness of your punches.

If you’d like to dive much deeper into this, make sure to check out How to Hit Like a Freight Train by Bud Jeffries where you’ll fine tons of different exercises specifically created for this purpose.


  1. loved this video!!

    ..especially the part about using heavy partials to strengthen hips. just wonderin, what kind of martial arts do you practice?

  2. Nice video and nice demonstration. I think understanding the physics behind a punch can help in choosing better exercises and overall training routines. Also, many seem to confuse mass with body mass, whereas it is effective mass that one needs to take into account and improve on (many believe they can’t work on mass due to confusing body mass with effective mass). A good exploration of the topic I’ve found: .

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