Secrets of the Handstand Success

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I just received this email from Chris Wooler


Back in May I decided I wanted to be able to do a handstand.  The idea actually came from reading ‘Deceptive Strength’ and one of the exercises listed was a handstand.  Now I had no prior experience on hand balancing or gymnastics and couldn’t even do a cartwheel, so I knew I would need some guidance so I purchased ‘Secrets of the Handstand’.

I have bought products from Logan before and rate them very highly, so rather than just going for the handstand, I was a good student and worked my way through the ‘Lead Up Stunts’ until I hit the required standard in each exercise.

After a month of training 2-3 times a week, I had hit the required standard for each of the Lead Up stunts and was ready to move onto the handstand.  I kept training 2-3 times a week for around 15 minutes a time and after only 2 weeks I am getting a couple of 8-10 second handstands in nearly every session.

I am absolutely amazed at my progress in such a short time from a total novice to being able to hold 10 second handstands.  ‘Secrets of the Handstand’ gave me the progressions, techniques and tips that would have taken me months, if not years to find on my own, or trawling youtube.


In 6 weeks from nothing to holding a handstand consistently. And this was done with fairly minimal practice. In 6 more weeks he’ll probably easily pass the 30 second mark, maybe even a minute.

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