Hypnosis for Athletes

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Hypnosis for athletes is a powerful tool that few people use. You might be surprised to know that many greats, like Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods and plenty of others have used hypnosis.

In the strength training world it may be even more rare. Which is a shame because it could help many people to reach their goals faster and better than before. On that note check out what happened for Travis Stoetzel when he used my Endurance Maximizer Hypnosis to help him dramatically improve in an endurance workout as part of a Crossfit competition, after just a couple days of use..

You sent me the strength one and you sent me the endurance one which that’s like my big hole in my game. So I had a Crossfit competition. I won the competition, but the biggest thing I thought was, the second event was more kind of an endurance based event. It involved rowing and I freaking hate rowing. I despise it.

So talking more about hypnosis and visualization, you sent me that endurance maximizer. I listened to that I think five times before the competition. I only had a couple days in between the competition and when you sent me that. So I was listening to it whenever I got a free chance.

Totally changed my mindset on the event. Totally changed my mindset on rowing in general.

For anybody that might be listening to this I improved by 30 calories. Basically, I went from 109 calories the first time I tested it to 135 calories.

So almost a 30 calorie difference just from, I mean obviously my endurance didn’t improve within just two days, and granted I was doing this workout after I had done a previous workout so that tells you I wasn’t as fresh as I was the first time I tested it.

But that just goes to show you the power of getting your mind in the right space. And with these maximizers I want to dig into this stuff a little bit more.

And if you’re not familiar with Travis, he’s not some untrained beginner. Far from it. He’s a highly unconventional hardcore strength and conditioning specialist who focuses on serious athletes and trainees, helping them improve their overall performance levels and physique. He specializes in training athletes and non-athletes alike specifically ranging from type aggressive sports such as wrestling, MMA, and football to military personnel and weekend warriors. Travis does this with a unique blend training methods including Strongman, kettlebells, bodyweight, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, sandbags, and dumbbells. He owns a small hardcore gym in Omaha, Nebraska, called the Forged Athlete.

Proper mental training for athletes is not often used. Hypnosis is one of those tools that can get your mindset right, and even change physiological functioning in the body, for more rapid gains, whether in endurance, strength, muscle gain, fat loss and more.

Find out more about hypnosis and the different goals it can help you with here.

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