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The Most Important Thing for Health is NOT Food…

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Nutrition is a big topic. And its hotly contested. Everyone that attempts to be healthy has their own opinion.

Not to mention its confusing.

Everyone knew that animal fat was killing you just a few years ago. But today its healthy, assuming you get it from healthy animals.

What beliefs do we hold as obviously true today, that will be challenged in a year or a decade?

And while I agree that food is important…Its NOT the most important thing for you health.

In fact, I’d put it closer to the bottom in a list of things for health.

What I’m saying is that if you do the other things right, which are often EASIER and SIMPLER to do right, then you can eat crap all day long and you’ll still be better off than most.

Not saying that to be used as an excuse though. You’ll get better results if you have good nutrition (at least the majority of the time) as well.

But since it is of lesser importance, and quite complicated, let’s look at optimizing the other areas. So today I want to talk about one of those “other” health things.

glass of waterWATER

And no this isn’t the clichéd advice that you should drink eight glasses of water a day.

Quantity is important. But that’s all people ever really talk about.

Quality is equally as important.

Have you ever asked yourself…

What is the best water I could possibly drink?

Do you think it comes through your tap?

Almost all tap water is treated with chlorine. This is used to kill pathogens, but unfortunately, when you drink it, it can also kill your beneficial bacteria as well as lead to other health problems.

Many municipal supplies also add sodium fluoride in the water for the purpose of preventing cavities. Fluorine has been linked to many health problems like leading to hardness in different organs and tissues. Due to its high affinity for accumulation of this material fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. The Nazi’s and Russians used fluoride to keep prison populations more docile as it is linked to diminished willpower. And even the benefits of the tooth hardening is up for debate.

Furthermore, the pipe systems that deliver your water in most major cities are old. Many were laid down when Abraham Lincoln was president. These pipes are cracked and broken. That means that they’re both adding things like metal to the water, but also anything in the groundwater next to them can leak in.

Do you think a filter makes it all better?

Sadly, no. They remove some but not everything.

A Britta filter removes some chlorine. Not even all of it and very little else.

Larger filters with more rocks and sediments remove more, but nothing removes all of the things that can be present in many water supplies.

Should you turn to bottled water?

Well, much of it is just treated tap water. Some is better than others, but all bottled waters are treated in some way.

And most come in plastic. Plastic is estrogenic, and if you read this article, you can see how it contributes to estrogen dominance.

Have you ever had bottled water sit in the sun, like in your car, heated up all day long? You take a sip and it tastes like plastic?

Well, you can taste it, which means you’re ingesting it, but that’s actually happening all the time, with or without the heat. (Its just that the heat and sunlight, photo-degrades the plastic so more than normal leeches in.)

What about the well?

Well water can be good, or it could not be. It really depends here.

It depends on how many minerals are present, as some will be too hard to be regularly drunk.

It also depends on what else is around and what sorts of pollution can be seeping into the ground water and getting into your well.

So what is the best?

In my opinion its FRESH spring water. I mean water that you go bottle yourself at the SOURCE of a spring, right where it comes out of the ground.

Somehow water climbs up mountains, making its way through rocks and earthy material, being filtered all the way, to at one point spring straight from the earth.

Felton Spring Water

One of my local spring water supplies

Its pretty interesting just to think about it for a moment.

This water is 100% natural. Its hasn’t been treated by human hands in any way, unlike anything you‘d find in the store.

I get 99% of the water I drink fresh from springs all the time.

But I know what you’re thinking…I can’t do that!

Yeah, I didn’t think so several years back either. That’s why I put together the Upgrade Your Water manual.

Its about moving you up in the quality of your water step by step. Some people can probably dive right in (pun intended) and start getting fresh spring water of the highest quality. But not everyone is ready for that.

Still there are many other things you can do.

And I’ve only scratched the surface in this article.

In Upgrade Your Water you’ll find out:

  • Several “Body” Tests for the Proper Hydration and When You’re Dehydrated
  • Why You Can’t Rely on Thirst
  • Did you know when water hits an empty stomach you releases a hormone?
  • Why the majority of people living are suffering diseases of Water Deficiency
  • Losing Weight with The Water Diet
  • Why Salt is Crucial for Proper Hydration
  • How to Find Out the Quality of Your Tap Water
  • Filtering Your _______ is More Important than Your Drinking Water
  • Why RO and Distilled Water can Deplete Your Health, and How to Fix it
  • How to Find a Fresh Spring Near You
  • Alkaline Water is all the rage…but is it actually good for you? You may be surprised…
  • How to Decrease the Surface Tension of any water for better hydration
  • How to Increase the Structure of any water for Better Hydration
  • Quick Start List of 16 Action Steps
  • And More

Upgrade Your Water is available here.

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  1. This is a great point, I knew about the estrogenic plastic, I didn’t know that the water filters don’t really filter everything out. Does boiling the water have a similar purifying effect?

    1. Author

      Boiling will kill germs and evaporate chlorine off. But plenty of other stuff like heavy metals, various pollutants and more will still be in the water (assuming they were there before you boiled it).

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