Protect Your Ankles with Two Simple Drills

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In my newest post at Breaking Muscle you’ll find two drills to help you protect your ankles and avoid potential sprains while playing sports or working out.

2 Drills to Injury Proof Your Ankles 

I’ve sprained and rolled my ankles a number of times in my life playing sports and in other activities. It’s never fun to get hurt. But the truth is your ankles can become a lot more indestructible than most people would imagine.

Think about what so many people do if they do suffer a sprain: they wrap up the ankle for extra support. But what if your own body provided sufficient support for the vast majority of activities, even capable of handling a wrong step?

You have a choice. You can either avoid things that could hurt you, like working out in general, and then you’ll be weak and fragile. Or you can take the right steps to make your body more injury proof. While a general workout program will help with injury prevention, a few outside-the-box drills will better serve your efforts.

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