Improve in Any Exercise Immediately

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In the forth article in EFT series at Breaking Muscle you’ll discover how to immediately improve in any exercise. For real!

How to Instantly Improve in Any Exercise


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How would you like to be able to improve in any exercise instantly? I know that sounds full of hype. But if you stick with me, you’ll learn you can do exactly that.

A few years ago I was going through my first official EFT class. I had been using tapping for a couple of years, having been trained by someone else, but I decided to go deeper and work towards getting my certification in it.

During that class, the instructors showed one technique called the constricted breathing technique. There are several uses of this technique. First, it can be a useful way to introduce the benefits of tapping. Second, breathing is tied into various emotional issues and thus it can be useful to target the breathing rather than go straight at the issue at hand.

For now, let’s stick to the first use. Here’s how you do it. And yes, I would recommend you give it a try right now…

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