Improving Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

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If you’re looking to improve your shoulder flexibility and mobility check out these two videos from Gold Medal Bodies.

The first one is focused on building the flexibility in the shoulders especially for handstands. Handstands can be one of the most difficult positions for the shoulders, especially a straight style handstand, so working on this will help with just about any shoulder flexibility.

The next video features a move that I like to call dislocates. Using a stick you work the shoulders in a more full range of motion, rather than just one position like in the handstand above. The hand position is quite different and there are several variations that help to open up the shoulders. This drill is really going to help with overhead squats and snatches, as well as much more.

For more from Gold Medal Bodies on flexibility training be sure to check out their course Focused Flexibility. The price goes up this Saturday so be sure to grab it now at a discount while you can.

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