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I’ve been asked to give a tour of my gym, so I decided to create this video and share it with you.

My gym is actually located in a two-car garage, but since the gym takes all the space, no cars go in here. Apart from various bodyweight training and weightlifting, I am also involved in martial arts so you can see a dummy which I hit. You’ll also notice a crash pad and two chairs which I use for handstand pushups, a rebounder to bounce around on and, of course, weights and screws scattered around the gym.

I don’t really clean up on a regular basis, but rather once in a while. My heaviest kettlebell is 160lbs, but I have a lot of lighter ones and competition kettlebells as well, which are a bit different. Right beside those is my weight-belt which I use a lot to make my pull-ups harder. Other random stuff include block weights, an ab wheel, lots of weight plates on a barbell, standing ab wheel rollouts setup and a trap bar which I haven’t used lately, although I’ve had tons of fun before with it.

There are a couple of things from Stronger Grip in my gym, like the plateau buster which is really great for partial deadlifts, super heavy swings and generally something I also had a lot of fun with. The other corner of my gym is mostly reserved for feats of strength & grip training material – fat gripz, various grippers, straps, phonebooks, hand balancing stands, a couple of frying pans ready for bending, tons of nails and bolts and even horse shoes. At the bottom of the same shelf are boxes full of cards, sledgehammers, a couple of club-bells, assorted steel and similar stuff. I also have an infrared sauna in my gym, and that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. yo!

    incredible place you got there. The frying pans tickled my funny bone, haha Btw, could the trapbar be sort of an alternative to rack work? Cause it starts higher and stuff. On more serious note, it looks like you have nearly everything useful!

    Last, what is an INFRARED sauna?? Sounds like something from Ghostbusters 🙂

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