Weightlifting Straps

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When you reach a certain point of progress and start moving some serious weight, the first part of the body which will often give out is your hands. The muscle in the back and legs are much larger and even with strong hands, you’ll still benefit from using straps to keep up with the progress.

This isn’t to say you shoulder always use straps. Far from it, just use them when you need them in order to work those muscles harder like in the rack pulls and rows shown in this video.

The straps in the video are from IronMind. They are pretty cheap, but high quality.


  1. hei man,

    looking good. how much weight do you have on the big bar??

    another thing just hit me. How is it that you manage to make significant progress on multiple, seemingly unrelated lifts? Is it great workout programming / some sort of overlap between exercises? 😉

    I’ve been under the impression since being introduced to Hardstyle training that lots of progress on unrelated lifts is something difficult to pull off. And you’re right, assistance is sometimes necessary.

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