Handstand Pushups to Overhead press

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Is it possible to transfer over from the handstand pushups to the barbell press? It depends. The problem is that most people think about headstand pushups instead of handstand pushups, as they are only coming down to their head or a nose. This is actually a partial handstand pushup, which is totally fine since most people do not have the strength to do the full handstand pushup. You’ll have to start here or before it in order to make progress with it.

Handstand pushups will obviously help you increase strength, but is it really gonna carry over the barbell press? Essentially, if you cannot do at least a couple of full range handstand pushups, you won’t be able to press your bodyweight on the barbell. If you want to get better at handstand pushups – that’s exactly what you need to train and vice versa for the barbell press. Be careful not to over-train though if you work on doing both at the same time.

There are some other things you can do in order to carry over better and that is covered in the Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups.


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