The Single Best Way to Increase Your Fat Loss Results In One Week

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The following is a guest article. Some basic but very useful ideas on fat loss and healthier eating.

I don’t care who you are, or where you’ve been and what diets or workouts you’ve tried in the past if you can follow this simple formula I can lead you to the promised land.

So what is the promised land?

How about no more fat belly?

How about not having to squeeze into your work pants each morning?

How about actually going down a belt size rather than heading to that damn mall on the weekend to fight your way through the crowd only to buy bigger pants?

I know I’m building up a bit of hype but this is so simple you’ll think I’m spinning you some BS.

It doesn’t involve some magic protein shake that’s supposed to replace all your meals and it doesn’t involve you living like a monk for a week.

So if it’s so simple how come not many people actually know about it?

Because everything that is fed to us these days goes against the grain to what this actually involves.

I?m talking about removing so called ‘healthy’ foods like breakfast cereals and breads from your diet totally.

Yes, I grew up having my cereal and eating my sandwiches everyday too and if I can give up a bread habit that bordered on a junkie fix than so can you.

Here is the deal:

All I want you to do is go to your cupboard and throw out your breakfast cereal. I want you to eat a breakfast of eggs instead. Fry them up and enjoy them.

Go to town and throw some vegetables in there for some extra nutrition if you like but even plain eggs will do. The vegetables will fill you up even more so are a bonus.

If you feel like you need some extra protein apart from the eggs, throw a can of tuna on top. My preference is to use a bean mix but if that’s not manly enough for you throw a can of tuna on it.

Otherwise suck it up and give the beans a go. You might even enjoy it.

Now your challenge for lunch is to replace your usual ‘healthy sandwich’ with a protein source like chicken, steak, tuna or whatever you like and serve it with the salad you would normally get in your sandwich.

Another good idea is to use last nights leftovers from dinner. So long as it isn’t pasta or rice or something like that. If it is meat and vegetable based you will be sweet.

Do this for a week and you’ll watch your belly start to fit those work pants better. Your wife will start to enjoy rubbing her hands over your now smaller belly so that’s always an added bonus to keep her happy.

So long as you’re not washing down your dinner with a few beers each night you will start to see results.

Don’t believe me? Try it and see. You just might surprise yourself.

And trust me, you will be feeling a million dollars, you won’t be sluggish, you’ll have more energy and hey, if there’s action to be seen remember where you heard the tip from.

Daniel Munday is a fat loss specialist based in Sydney, Australia. He helps time poor people finally lose their beer guts and feel better about themselves.

You can read more information like this on the new Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior blog which is dedicated to helping busy men like yourself finally see results that they have never been able to realize through workouts that last only 10 minutes and practical nutrition tips that actually work.


  1. I lost a lot of weight cutting down on the bread etc, but actually feel healthier- and faster- at the weight I am now with the diet I have now (not much bread but lots of rice).

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