Plateau Buster Swing Handle Review

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I’ve known Ryan Pitts for a couple years now. He was gracious enough to send me one of his newer pieces of equipment recently. And boy am I glad he did. For what I use it for it is pure awesome.

You can pick up you own piece at Strongergrip. In addition, to this he has tons of other awesome equipment. I have a couple other things, but as of right now this one is probably my favorite.

Get the Plateau Buster Swing Handle here.

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Logan Christopher

P.S. Since shooting this video I’ve actually been using this unit for doing partial range deadlifts with my clients. For those you may not be able to safely go down far enough for a barbell this setup works great with the higher handle. Give it a try for yourself.

P.S.S. The Fat Gripz featured in the video are from another company and another useful tool. Click here to check them out.


  1. I don’t see why people do two kettlebell swings in a sumo stance between their legs. i hat that stance. I always do double KB swings with my legs in the skier’s stance (about a foot apart) and swing on the outside. I use two 32 kgs which add up to 145 lbs. I could do double 40 kgs if I had them. Maybe I have long arms or something, but I never have any problems. I seems so natural and good for you. The sumo stance is useless for what I do being a downhill skier and dirt bike rider. Where as swinging to the outside is the perfect stance for the sports I do. Why do people always do the swing between the legs?

    1. @Walt: I agree that outside swings are a great exercise but they don’t work for everyone. And each does have different effects.

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