Increase Strength and Mobility with Cossack Squat Variations

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In my newest article at Breaking Muscle you’ll find out how to use Cossack squat to increase strength and mobility.

Cossack Squat Variations for Improved Strength and Mobility


The Cossack squat is a name for a squat that has you descend with most of your weight on one leg while the other leg is kept out straight and to the side. Thus, the other foot will typically have the heel on the ground but the rest of the foot up in the air. The arms are held somewhere out in front as a counterbalance.

The Cossack squat could be used as a variation of a regular bodyweight squat, done for reps to build strength and endurance, but that’s not its best application. Instead, consider it a great drill for flexibility and mobility, awesome to dynamically warm-up with for any lower body activity. The flexibility and mobility demands can be increased even further by working several variations and options outlined below.

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