Nordic Lifting Straps Review

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I recently got a pair of Nordic Lifting Straps for free, so I thought why not try them. I’ve already been using Ironmind straps, so I didn’t think much of it, but they turned out to be pretty cool.

To my surprise, Nordic Lifting Straps came with a manual on how to use them, which is quite useful for those who have never used straps before. I know I had some trouble when I first tried to figure out how they work, so it’s definitely a plus.

But the reason I like them more than Ironmind straps is because these have a foam padding that really helps when you start moving a lot of weight, like a 1000 lbs rack pull. Since you won’t have to worry as much about scraping off your skin with these heavy lifts, you’ll be more comfortable and more focused on lifting (instead of pain), which equals better workout and ability to lift heavier.

Generally, I don’t really like support gear in lifting, but lifting straps are the exception. When you perform exercises which require a very strong grip, like rack pulls and heavy rows you’ll need all the support you can get in order to maximize the effect of a workout. Strong grip is definitely something you should work on, but for these exercises your lats, back and arms are much stronger than your grip, so lifting straps come in very handy.

Nordic Lifting Straps come with two pairs, so you can always keep one as a backup or just buy them with a friend and share the cost! In addition they’re quite inexpensive. Get them here.

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