Josh Hanagarne

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For those of you not familiar with Josh Hanagarne let me give you the lowdown.

He runs an odd site called World’s Strongest Librarian (a self-proclaimed but likely true title).

It’s an odd collection of book reviews, humorous ramblings, tourette’s syndrome progress and declines, and more. It’s always highly entertaining. I even read Josh’s novel and I don’t read many novels these days.

He’s also got a good amount of strength training info like this post on his training history: Strength Training 101. I think that’s a great idea and will be writing up my own training history someday soon.

In order to keep things a little more focused he’s decided to start a new blog specifically on strength in all it’s guises. That’s Strength Rules where I’ll be interviewed shortly.

Just figured you’d like to check these out if you haven’t heard about them already.

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