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Super Human Training Teleseminar Series

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It takes a lot of work to put something big together. But in the end it’s usually worth it.

As you may or may not know I’ve partnered up with Bud Jeffries, one of the top guys when it comes to getting stronger and building insane endurance.

Super Human Training BannerIf you don’t think you can learn something from a guy who squatted half a ton (literally), or who has done 3000 kettlebell swings in a single workout, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Anyway we’re on the phone quite often talking training, about the latest PR’s and experiments we’re doing in the gym.

And together we know almost everyone in the training industry at least as far as people who know how to get real results and are proof themselves.

When we re-launched Bud’s site late last year we did a big teleseminar series full of guests, top trainers and strongmen. Ten calls later we called it a wrap.

But even then we knew we had many more people to talk to, much more ground to cover.

Well, that time has come…

Introducing the Super Human Training Teleseminar Series.

I’ve spent countless hours getting this planned and you get to enjoy the benefits (not that I don’t get any myself. I’m actually still using many tips I picked up from the last series in my current training.)

You’ll find all the details on the site including who are special guests are this time.

And the best part is you can listen in for Free to each call.

Just go here and signup.

All you need to do once you’re there is enter your email to get the details of each call as they happen.

This starts next week so be sure to signup ASAP so you don’t miss a single call.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I’d be greatly appreciative if you tweeted or posted about this on facebook. The more people who join the more fun it’ll be for all.

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