Keto Diet and Testosterone

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“Do you think keto is healthy diet and good for testosterone if done properly through someone who is having the knowledge and who is calculating his macros making sure the carbs is less than 30 grams.”

A keto diet can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons.

In fact, I would encourage many people to give it a try, even if only for a short time, in order to experience ketosis.

Like with most diets, we have to be careful in that it is healthier if you’re coming from something like the Standard American Diet. The dropping away of some crappy foods is always healthier and is a reason for many of the benefits of just about any diet, from carnivore to vegan and everything in between.

The sad fact is that most people have NOT been in this shifted alternative metabolism since they were a baby. (Breastmilk not having enough digestible sugars to make nursing babies glucose dominant.)

Personally, I like to get into ketosis more from fasting than from diet. I think that’s a more natural way to go. I like to think ancestrally, and for many people, it would be hard to be on such a high fat diet without today’s refined fat sources.

That being said, is it great for testosterone is another question?

This is another area where the answer is it depends.

Some people seem to thrive on a long-term keto diet.

Others seem to do better when they enter and come out of ketosis. A cyclical keto diet.

My main experience when I experimented with keto is that I felt pretty great…though I normally do so.

But my workouts were hit or miss. Sometimes I had great energy to do things. Other times I was dragging.

Loving to workout, this was not the best effect.

Perhaps even worse…my libido dipped!

To say this was not a desired effect is an understatement.

But this was only a few week experiment. The long-term keto people, those that thrive, would likely say I didn’t do it long enough to truly adapt.

Maybe they’re right, but those were two effects I didn’t like, so I stopped.

And I’ve heard from quite a few other people how carbohydrates can be very helpful in testosterone production.

In my opinion, if you’re after testosterone, there are far better things to do than going keto. And that’s all covered inside my book, Upgrade Your Testosterone

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