Knocked the Snot Out of Me

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The progress on the beast snatch challenge continues…

Just finished a workout where I did 120 snatches in ten minutes with the 40kg. or 88lb. kettlebell. That one was tough!

And I’ve noticed something interesting that happens with a tough workout, whether it’s snatches or otherwise.

I temporarily have allergies.

My eyes itch. I sneeze a bunch. My nose runs.

The workout, quite literally, knocks the snot out of me. Why is this happening?

It’s a case of understanding the fight-or-flight response.

When you are working out hard, your body enters into panic mode. Swing a heavy kettlebell overhead that many times, and yes, the body is under some major stress.

Epinephrine and norepinephrine release. Cortisol comes later. While too much of it is a problem, most people don’t realize part of cortisol’s job is to reduce inflammation.

The immune system gets activated because I am simultaneously breathing in pollens and various other organic matter since I exercise outside.

Because of that stress response, my body triggers inflammation, and says “this stuff is no good,” or possibly “we just can’t handle this right now.” In either case, the end result is “get it out of here.”

Depending on how hard the workout was, I’ll be back to normal within an hour. Sometimes, like today, it took a little bit longer.

What is my point in sharing this?

First of all, understand that you don’t want to go this hard all the time. Yes, you want to challenge your body. Stress is the stimulus that causes growth. But this sort of thing done too frequently is likely to cause issues.

If my hormonal and immune system was triggered like this every day, it would end in some negative consequences. But the right dose of it will help your body to become stronger.

Not all my snatch workouts are this hard. And right now, the snatch workouts are the only ones that are hard at all.

Secondly, these are signs and signals from the body. You want to pay attention to them, as its useful information from which to make better choices.

The MOST important skills I would say that comes from training is greater awareness.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s ground zero for better results. Discover the next steps in this with Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of Intuitive Training.

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