The Phantom and the Atom

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A few nights ago when I was at a Maverick business event, one of the guest speakers was Sandra Joseph, who played Christine in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

As she told her story, she talked about as a child she went to see the play Annie.

She felt this immense connection and said, “I want to do that. I want to be her.”

I’m not sure what it was. There was something in her voice. There was something in the story.

It hit me like a sack of bricks.

I reflected back on my own life. And really, for me, I can trace that point to reading The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein, aka biography of The Mighty Atom, one of the greatest oldtime strongmen ever. I don’t know what it was. I can’t explain why. For whatever reason, when I read that biography, I felt and I said:

“I want to do that. I want to be him.”

How many people have that moment in their life?

A little bit later, I quizzed those sitting around me. These were all high performing entrepreneurs. Yet only in some of them, had a moment like that. Others did not.

What about you?

I guess you can count yourself as lucky if you do have that. I am.

In some way, it unveils the path before you.

Of course, I am not the Mighty Atom. Though I’ve replicated some feats, like pulling vehicles by my hair, and have been influenced in many areas, I am my own man.

In my last reading of the book (because I have read it several times), I noted just how many similarities there are. The focus on healthy, natural living. The understanding of the importance of the mind, and using things like hypnosis.

It was an inspiration.  It was a connection to something more grand.  It was a sign post.

Of course, back when I first read that, who was I to think that I could possibly do those things?

I could barely eek out a handstand pushup against a wall at the time.  I’d never done a feat of strength.  I had no natural aptitude for strength or fitness. (But then again, neither did the Atom.)

I was only beginning my journey.

Little did I know that I would go on to be mentored by a man in direct lineage from the Mighty Atom. At that time, I didn’t even know Dennis Rogers existed.

Those of you reading, you may have that “knowing”. You may not.

For those of you that do have it, just know that it can be done. It won’t be easy. It will likely take far longer than you’d want to do it.

At times, you may wonder if it’s even worth it.

But you must keep going.

After all, what other choice do you really have?

Come along with me on my journey, as I best support yours, inside of the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle.

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