Louis Cyr Movie Trailer

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I’m a big fan of oldtime strongmen. I’m a big fan of movies. At last the two will be combined. Here is the Louis Cyr movie trailer.

Thanks to Matti Marzel for pointing this out to me.

I can tell you what I’m going to be doing in July. I wonder does this mean I can write off the purchase of tickets to this movie as a legitimate business expense?

I also stumbled across these clips that shows a bit of the set from the movie and the man playing Cyr, Antoine Bertrand discussing something in French.

For more info checkout this update from Ironmind about the movie.

And for more info on Cyr himself check out this article here. It’s got lots of pictures and you can read about the book on him.


  1. Damn right man, This is fucking awesome, the MORE I check out the teaser/trailer, the MORE I’m getting PSYCHED the hell up to see it even more… I’ll be patiently waiting and counting down ’till this summer! It’s funny though, I’m willing to bet that MOST people who are UNfamiliar with Louis Cyr, will suddenly have a TON of respect and admiration for him… Simply because of the simple and undeniable fact that he was a REAL person who really did all of his Strength Feats the LEGIT way…

    I’m telling you man, I have a feeling that the BOTH of us, and the rest of the LEGIT Strongmen out there who STILL practice the Oldschool type of Training, Performance and Feats of Strength, like Dennis and Bud as 2 MAJOR examples nowadays, will get even MORE recognition and respect from the world… and especially from those that are BRAND NEW to this whole realm… But then again, this is only a speculation, I can’t know for sure untill it happens and the movie will hit theaters… So I gotta be patiently waiting, once again.

    Anywah man, you can indeed call this a LEGIT business expense! Hell Yeah, that’s what I call it too! As a matter of fact, since we’re both in the same business and LOVE this whole realm, we HAVE to see this movie, wether we want to or not…

    That’s it man, They better hurry the fuck up with a second and NEWER Trailer though, one that is at LEAST 2-3 minutes… Or else!

  2. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!! There needs to be a MIGHTY ATOM movie next!! It’s time for the Old School legends to be reprized!! To many of today’s “men” are filled with steroids and estrogen tendencies!!!!!!!

  3. Yo Logan, What’s good man?!

    I was wondering though, since this movie was already released last year in the summer, did you already check it out, or what?! And if so, what were your thoughts, opinions and ideas on it?!

    I already checked it out, and as a matter of fact, the movie was FEROCIOUS as hell and badass to the bone! I really digged it to the FULLEST! Although there were also some LESS awesome and to-the-point moments in the movie, in my honest opinion, you know! But that’s a story for another time altigether!

    Bottom line = All-in-all, it’s definitely Ferocious Strength approved—OFFICIALLY! Now onto the NEXT Oldetimne Strongmen Movies about the lives of The Mighty Atom (just like Greg “G-Man” Granderson mentioned last year, Arthur Saxon a.k.a. The Iron Master, Alexander Zass & Hermann Goerner, for STARTERS, that is!

    Anyway man, I’m watching this movie at LEAST once EVERY week, to remind myself of HOW they’ll probably will make a movie of ME, personally, in the far future as well—Which will prbably be 100-150 years from now! Which LUCKILY for me, personally though, I’ll STILL be ALIVE and thriving like a Radiantly Healthy and Ferociously Strong BOSS—You can count on that, my friend!

    1. Author

      No, unfortunately it hasn’t seemed to become available in the US. I just checked Amazon and Netflix and its not there. I’ll continue looking. It has to become available here at some point 🙁

  4. Aha… Shitty and fucked up to hear that, man… I’m telling you, you’re definitely missing out over here, big time!

    Now, with that being said though, I’ll tell you what: I’m downloading the movie once again in the BEST quality out there, period, and then AFTER I’ve downloaded that shit in 1080p (which WASN’T available up ’till the 5th of December, 2013… Yeah, go figure), I’ll send it to you through either DropBox or some OTHER damn good and easy method which works to the FULLEST!

    And I’m telling you that I’m downloading this shit once again, because up ’till TODAY, I didn’t even realize that the 1080p version (which is STILL the HIGHEST quality out there for Blu-Ray movies, hands down) was downloadable… I just find out about it TODAY, as a matter of fact… So it´s downloading right NOW as we speak, and it´s NOT going that freaking FAST nor smooth neither, but it´s going on and moving forward slowely and patiently nontheless… And by the looks of it and how it´s going down right now, I´m guessing that it´ll probably be finished in 3-5 days from now, hands down!

    Also, IF you’re familiar with TORRENT downloads (which I’m pretty damn sure you are), then you could ALSO download it for FREE yourself and rip that shit right off the internet WITHOUT paying anything for it—Which makes it even better IMO, although I’ll probably WILL buy it in the near future on Blu-Ray nontheless… But for now, NOPE!

    So you tell me what the hell you wanna do! That is, either you let me download it to my computer and then I’l pass it onto you ASAP through Dropbox or some shit like that… OR, I can pass you the download link that I, personally used as well, and thus you could download it for yourself as well… Whatever you wanna do, it’s all good with me, man!

    And speaking of the DOWNLOAD Torrent link for the movie, here it is, in case you wanna download it yourself! It’s 8.74GB… Not a small amount of space, but NOT huge whatsoever by any means… So it’s all cool and do-able without taking up too MUCH space on your hard drive!

    Here’s the download link, man: https://kickass.to/louis-cyr-2013-1080p-bluray-x264-ulshd-publichd-t8311339.html

    Have at it and good luck, you’re gonna enjoy the movie for real!


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