Is Running Bad For You?

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Is running bad for you? So many people think of running marathons as the epitome of health. But is this really the case? Or can you be running too much?

Like most things there is both a good and a bad side to running as I detail in this video.

It’s been said that you should take one day of rest for every mile you run. While I think this is extreme, it does point out that the impact on your body that running for distances can have.

Of course if you want to get even more benefits from running, while spending less time, with less risk of injury, I recommend doing hill sprints.

The problems stem from the fact that with each step when you’re running your body has to handle several times your own bodyweight. This repeated for thousands upon thousands of steps may result in some issues. The force has to be transferred some where and this may be the knees or back, which many runners do find they end up with problems in.

Instead you may want to check out something like pose running, or doing it barefoot where you’re unable to heel strike. I’m not an expert in these topics but if you choose to run, for enjoyment, then I would seek an expert out.

In my opinion, some running can be great, but if you’re looking to get into better shape there are much better options.


  1. So should we be pose WALKING too?

    1. Haven’t heard of Pose Walking. I imagine it has to be different from pose running in some ways though.

  2. I am a member of the armed forces and because of my occupation running is a part of my weekly sometimes daily schedule. I have to be a to run say 2 miles in less than 15 minutes, what are these options you have that could allow me to still be able to keep a good run time.

    1. Sprints, kettlebells, skipping rope, other “general” conditioning. As long as you do some running, you can stay efficient at it, while building up your strength and endurance capacities.

  3. Running is damn good and very effective when you do it for SHORT bursts and with ALL you’ve got! In this case, Hill Sprints reign SUPREME Indeed!

    Next to Hill Sprints, you should Sprint on flat ground as well, just like the Olympic Sprinters do! A 100 Yard ALL-OUT Sprint repeated for 5-10 times will get you in Phenomenal Conditioning–Guarenteed! I know, I speak from personal experiences over here…

    And let’s not forget that Anaerobic exercises like ALL-OUT Sprints & Hill Sprints (which are also ALL-OUT by the way) carry over into Aerobic exercises, but NOT vice versa… So attacking All-Out Sprints on flat ground + Hill Sprints will definitely give you the edge and the Super Conditioning + Super Long Lasting Endurance for a 2 miles run… Believe me, I served in the Army myself, We had to run 2 miles UNDER 10 minutes.

    And I agree with Logan over here as well, ESPECIALLY when you combine the Battling Rope Tsunami Training Method and Kettlebell Juggling, or better yet: Kettlebell Maneuvering… In my honest opinion and out of my own Training Experiences and Experiments, you can never go wrong and will actually build even MORE Insane Conditioning and Super Endurance Levels when you combine the Battling Ropes Tsunami together with Kettlebell Juggling, and especially Kettlebell Juggling while moving and maneuvering around, hence the name: Kettlebell Maneuvering!

    From one Fellow Soldier to the next, This is my advice to you and I know that it works, because I train with these 2 on a regular daily basis and I walk the walk. I’m the REAL Deal and have seen amazing benefits from combining those 2. Because In my honest opinion and the way that I see it, is in order to run the 2 miles under 15 minutes, and I’m assuming that you do it with FULL Gear on… you GOTTA develop and shoot your VELOCITY capacities through the damn roof! In other words: you gotta increase your WIND like there’s NO tommorow! And this is esepcially important when you’re entering the battlefield and into enemy territory when you’re on a mission, or when there’s a full scale war going on… THIS is crucial for Real-Life or Death Situation and Circumstances while you’re in the army and fighting for your life – literally!

    I hope that this helps you out, Emmanuel… If not, then let me know and I’ll give you even more good stuff and my thoughts on all of this!

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