Lsit to Shoulder Stand

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Here’s a fairly easy hand balancing skill you can practice. Its called the Lsit to Shoulder Stand.

To start with I recommend two solid platforms to keep your hands on that are raised from the ground. Big kettlebells work great for this too.

Start in an L position then tuck your legs, tip your shoulders forward and come to the shoulder stand. Then reverse it.

You can make this exercise harder by:

1) Doing more reps
2) Longer holds in any of the positions
3) Try it on the ground like this handstand from sitting.
4) Pressing up to a complete handstand from the shoulder stand.


  1. Funnily enough I just bought a nice pair of parallettes so I can start learning to do these sorts of things 🙂 I tried with kettlebells but I found them a bit too unstable.

    1. Author

      Kettlebells work as long as they’re big enough and won’t tip over. Parallettes work great for these.

  2. I made my own parallettes, to start learning to do these things too! 🙂

  3. I’ve been practicing this on my 2x24kg KB’s. But use my head to balance the shoulder stand. Working on the progression to be able to press to a full shoulder stand.

    1. Author

      @Gareth Keeping: Great work. It’s looking solid. As for pressing up, I would get the frogstand press real strong. Also make sure you don’t bend your arms too much when transitioning. If you do you’ll need more strength, but if you keep them less bent the press becomes easier. Also try negatives.

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