Ryan Lochte Strongman Training

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I’ve been watching as much of the Olympics as I can recently, which isn’t too much as I’m not use to sitting in front of the TV. One thing I saw recently worth noting was Ryan Lochte’s strongman training.

Lochte is now a Gold medalist in swimming, and by the time you read this he’s probably won a few more medals. He not only beat Michael Phelps but dominated the field in the 400m Individual Medley.

They showed a clip of him training on NBC, and not just doing swimming but much more, things that we’re use to here at Legendary Strength.

This video shows a couple clips of tossing a keg around, flipping a large tire, swinging sledgehammers and more. If you want to learn much more about these I recommend checking out Bud Jeffries’ old buy awesome set about these exercises.

It’s always see the hardcore training world exposed to the average public. No one can say for sure how much specifically this work has helped him in training for the Olympics, but the results have been decent so far.

Go Lochte! Go USA!

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