Magic Pill for Handstands

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You know I’ve been searching for something like this for a long, long time. But I’ve finally found it.

What is it?

Why it’s a Magic Pill that’ll make you an expert hand balancer overnight. All you have to do is pop it in your mouth and the next morning you’ll be duplicating Professor Paulinetti’s One Arm Planche with ease.

You’ll be able to do a Thumb Stand. Heck, if you take a mega dose you’ll be doing a One Thumb One Arm Planche. Even if you’ve never held a handstand before.Of course now that I have this, I won’t need my hand balancing books and courses anymore. I’ll just let the remaining stock go at the current prices in case you want a keepsake.

Sadly, this makes my brand new Secrets of the Handstand Quickstart video obsolete less then a week after its released. Even at it’s ridiculous price there’s no more need.All that work down the drain but that’s alright because this Magic Pill will more than make up for it.

The thing is you have to take this pill every day if you want to keep your abilities. And the ingredients aren’t cheap. But that’s okay because people will pay any price as long as they don’t have to WORK at something.

For only $99.99 per month you can have all the hand balancing ability you want.

WARNING: In rare cases may cause dizziness, drowsiness, itching, projectile vomiting, limbs falling off, and spontaneous combustion.Did I have you going there for a little bit?

In case you can’t tell today is April Fool’s.

Anyone promising a Magic Pill is lying. But I like to think that my books and courses are as close as you can get short of personalized one-on-one instruction.

If you missed this weekend’s announcement about the release of the Secrets of the Handstand Quickstart Guide and the monthly Acrobat Accelerator program be sure to check it out.

Oh and maybe you’d like to see the new Lost Art of Hand Balancing home page.

There is going to be a lot of new activity on the site in the coming months and all this is just the start. Questions will be answered. New articles will be put up. And another product this month!

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. The new DVD is flying off the shelves but there’s still room for several charter members. If you’re a beginner grab it now –

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