Meeting Wim Hof

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This past weekend I was at the Longevity Now Conference in Anaheim.

One of the speakers was the Ice Man, Wim Hof.


In case you’re not familiar with him he’s the holder of 26 world records including the longest ice bath, climbing Mt. Everest in shorts, completing a marathon in the Arctic circle in shorts, and running a marathon in the desert without water.

More recently he’s teamed up with scientists to show that his methods can be used to tap into the autonomic nervous system, the innate immune system and more.

These were previously thought to be beyond reach.

Basically, Wim, as well as a group of his students, rendered E. coli bacteria injected into them inert.

He even hinted at some new experiments in the works.

And his belief that telomeres can be extended through the mind and breathing.

(In case you’re not familiar with them, telomeres are the end-caps of DNA, and one of the principle theories of aging. To lengthen them is to reverse aging.)

I love his message of observing nature, breathing, getting cold, with the results of becoming strong and healthy.

So, after his presentation there was time for questions and answers.

A number of people asked for more details about how to do the breathing.

And Wim kept coming back to this simple message.

In fact, at one point he yelled

Just breathe, motherfucker!

I like it.

Simplicity is important.

And you can’t argue with his results.

Of course he is referring to deep breathing.

Deep breathing is your foundation.

And it is completely in your control.

For thousands of years, Taoist masters, yogis and shamans have known the breath is a gateway into controlling your mind and body.

Even unlocking things that most people would see as super-human.

Yet few people actually take the time to consciously do it.

Why? Because you are too busy?

Which path will you take…

Breathe like a “normal person” and get normal results.

Breathe like Wim, me, Maxick, Mighty Atom, George Jowett and others, and you just might end up with super human results.

Everyone has their own style of breathing.

In Upgrade Your Breathing I show LOTS of them.

But the most important message is just as Wim Hof said:

Just breathe, motherfucker!

Do it now.

P.S. For those that want to go deeper Wim Hof has a 10 week course. Plus I’m going to hook you up with a bonus. If you invest and forward me your receipt, I’ll send you my ebook Upgrade Your Breathing which will also help you go deeper.

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