Metabolic Flexibility

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I’ve gone even deeper than ever before in my study of diet and nutrition to maximize health and performance.

One thing has become very much clear to me. I knew this before but now it’s set in stone, no doubt in my mind.

That is that people are individual. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. In fact what gives one person the body of their dreams, and limitless energy could straight up end up killing another person.

All the more reason you can’t buy a diet book and follow the plan to the letter…except as an experiment to see if that works for you. Any program that doesn’t take this into account is bound to fail for a percentage of the population.

That’s why every diet will have success stories and utter failures. And that’s just talking about the people that are compliant with it.

Now I understand I’m a bit different then most people. I am not looking at changing my diet in order to cure an “uncurable” disease. I am looking to find what works very best for me specifically on a performance level. Not just in the gym but the mental edge in all of life as well.

This is a ‘towards’ versus an ‘away from’ strategy which puts me in the minority.

The majority, if they don’t have illness or disease, only look at what their eating when they have some weight they want to lose. I’m not saying this is bad, its just another aspect of how different people are built differently.

Health and weight loss are correlated to each other but certainly not equal. Just like size and strength are correlated but not equal. More muscular people tend to be stronger. Less fat people tend to be healthier. The inverse is also true but the keyword is ‘tend to’.

You can lose weight while still eating unhealthy. Just ask the guy that did the twinkie diet.

In my studies I’ve learned from many different people. One person in the last year that has opened up a new area to me is Mike T. Nelson and the idea of metabolic flexibility.

The basic premise of it is to become more flexible in your eating in terms of quality, macronutrient profile, quantity and much more. In fact you can eat many “unhealthy” foods and still get results in weight loss.

This material spoke true to my own experience. Actually I was already eating like this for the most part which may be part of the reason for my very lean 6‘2“ frame at 185lbs. Having this flexibility is great for your health and losing weight as many people have seen.

While I eat great the majority of the time I make no claims of being perfect. But the truth is, albeit counterintuitive, perfection in diet can slow your results.

The best part is his program is put together in a way that you can easily make it part of your lifestyle for the long term. Its not some diet you’ll try and then stop doing.

That’s because one of the main premises is the quantity and when you eat instead of just what you’re eating.

I don’t agree with everything. One statement he makes rubs me the wrong way which is to see how bad you can eat while still maintaining your goals. While this may work well for fat loss, I just can’t quite agree with it in regards to health.

Still this is definitely worth checking out especially if you‘re looking to lose a few pounds.

Check out Metabolic Flexibility.

Many of the misconceptions on fats, proteins, and carbs will be cleared up. Go to this page and you’ll see the results some other people have gotten and continue to get.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Logan and glad you liked it! I really appreciate it!

    No worries if you disagree with a few statements here and there—nobody agrees on 100% of everything. Plus we know (and they will learn) how to find out what is really best!

    As you said, it is individual. What one person considers “bad” is fine for someone else! The goal is the same–find what works best for YOU in a step wise fashion.

    Rock on!
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

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