Why you need to join us for the Super Human Workshop – Part 1

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I figured I’d start a series that goes into more depth about some of the topics both Bud and myself will be covering at our upcoming Super Human Training Workshop.

Far from being just promotional, I aim to teach you some useable information here.

The workshop is set up to cover quite a wide variety of topics. The truth is a certain area may not be the thing you want to learn most about, but another aspect is.

The fact is I’ve gone to events before not real excited about certain topics but then blown away by them when I actually saw the material. Just keep that in mind.

Let’s start with the Kettlebells.

KettlebellsAs you likely know I just hit my goal getting 301 snatches with the 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes and multiple hand switches. (And I plan on beating my own record soon.)

I’m going to be releasing a DVD set that covers everything, and I do mean everything, about technique and training leading up to it. And that will be available soon. Stay tuned for a notice about it later this week.

But of course I’ll also be teaching this material at the workshop. While video is great it is no replacement for hands on work one on one and we promise to deliver tons of that.

Bud has done several workouts involving one, two or three thousand plus kettlebell swings, dependent on the weight he was using. Marathon swing workouts!

He also has a book coming out on the topic. But once again the workshop is the place to learn hands-on.

Here are those informative teaching points I promised. 😉

Both of us chose a goal, focusing on a single exercise, and went forward with it, seeing just how far we could take it. And it wasn’t an overnight thing. But years of training went into becoming the very best at it.

That single goal focus is HUGE. When you have it you will obtain your goal, assuming the required knowledge and effort is supplied. When you don’t have it you will flounder around (trust me I speak from too much experience).

Another aspect relating specifically to the kettlebell training is how it was structured. Bud and I did quite different things in these regards but there was at least one big commonality. And that was…

Cycling the weights up and down.

You should not only stick to a single weight with any exercise. But by working heavier and lighter you make faster progress.

And I don’t believe this only applies to swings and snatches. In fact, I incorporate it into everything I do these days.

What I just gave you is GOLD. Go re-read it and apply it to your training if you’re not currently doing so.

Swings are Bud’s specialty. Snatches are mine. We’re both fairly decent with push presses and jerks. Actually Bud has done some crazy numbers with those too.

So we will be teaching all of the above.

For some reason, people get messed up on the difference between presses, push presses and jerks. But really its quite simple.

    • Presses – No leg dip
    • Push Presses – One leg dip
    • Jerks – Two leg dips


Understanding them is simple. Doing them is another. I’ve seen far too many people becoming uncoordinated just trying to do a jerk. At the workshop we promise to fix that.

Plus give you the proper way to rack a kettlebell, that will make all the above exercises become easier.

Then there is also the Natural Press which is sort of like an upper body push press. Still no leg drive but using your upper body to explode the weight up.

So that’s what we’re covering in the kettlebells portion of the workshop.

To get more details and sign up go here.

It’s a really cheap price with a bunch of extra goodies thrown on top to sweeten the pot. Be sure to sign up before February 28th for the early bird half off price.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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