Muscle Control and Qi

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Maxick talks about an interesting concept in relation to muscle control…

“I discovered that by using the Will to control the muscles, not only did I gain development and strength, but that I was storing energy. By giving nothing out, I was slowly conserving energy…so the more energy conserved, the more strength is proportionately attained, and with interest, because it reacts upon itself…The reasons for storing energy are manifold, but indicate first and foremost, the possibility of future action. Energy would be quite unnecessary were it not for the idea of action and its subsequent use.

This is from his book How to Become a Great Athlete.

What this sounds like to me is qi!

Muscle control is an “internal art.” You’re focused on using your will to get the muscles to contract and relax as you see fit.

It is not focused externally as in lifting a weight or your bodyweight.

Does this fit into our scientific view of how the body works?

Well, I recently wrote about the piezoelectric effect created from pressure (which would include tensing your muscles) as a “plausible mechanism” to explain qi. You can read that article here.

Was Maxick a “Qi Gong Master”?

And is that why he could throw around such heavy weights with ease?

Here’s an interesting series of feats of strength and control Maxick did. Keep in mind that Maxick weighed only 147 lbs.

Holding van Diggelen (185 lbs.) aloft on one arm, Maxick ran up two flights of stairs with him and then ran down the two flights. Then standing on his hands, he in that position ran up the two flights and down again.

I don’t know about you…but this qi connection makes me want to explore doing some more muscle control.

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