My First Live Workout

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This is a Live Workout from 5/16/2013.

This was my first time trying this so you’ll see some technical difficulties. I thought a chat box would be available but it wasn’t. That’s mentioned several times throughout this workout.

As I follow my body in what I do it wasn’t a set or written out workout from the beginning. With a general idea of what I wanted to do, my goals, I then figured out which exercises to do. I ended up doing the following:

  • Single Leg Deadlifts with 205 lbs.
  • Dumbbell Rows with 110 lbs.
  • Double Kettlebell Press with 16kg in each hand
  • Block Weight lifting from the ground with 30 lbs.
  • Overhead Lockouts with 225 lbs
  • Headstand Neck Exercise
  • Shovel Lift with 25 lbs.

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Hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions on what I covered here, or why I’m doing certain things, then comment below.

Also I’d love to get your feedback. If you made it live did you like it there? If you’ve only caught the replay here is it something valuable to you? Would you like me to do this again another time? What time would work best for you to catch it live (weekends?)? Would you like me to do more than just workout?


  1. Thanks for this, Logan, it was instructive! 🙂
    Could not find a way to ask questions, posted on your Legendary Strength FB page, but you seem to have missed it.
    Hopefully next time the chat box will be there, or you will have people ask questions on your FB page as a backup (and check it up too).

  2. Hey Chris Awesome workout!! Sorry I missed the initial day you posted this, I was at a mens conference with the church. I really enjoyed the overhead partials you did and the shovel lift…those looked awesome and I will definetly be trying that during my next session on Monday. I never seen those before, who invented that movement (shovel lifts)?

    1. Author

      Not sure of who invented it. I first heard about it from Steve Justa.

      1. Oh ok! Steve is out of this world! I’ve heard awesome things about him through Bud Jeffries. He spoke very highly of him and his training during his visit with him on his tour.

        Thanks again!


  3. Very interesting to see how you fit all of those different goals together. One question –any advice on partials without a rack?

    1. There are some ways but the rack just makes it so much easier. Partial deadlifts are possible by digging holes in the ground for example. For overhead stuff you can suspend a barbell by chains from the ceiling.

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