New to Parallel Bars

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I was back at gymnastics last night.

Instead of the normal routine of starting with a bunch of tumbling we did something different by working on the parallel bars. Besides a few dips this is not something I’ve much experience in.

We started off with swings. Going from a planche-like position with a hollow body to just the reverse. You keep your arms locked out the entire time and generate momentum while keeping the body tight. In the future I may try to get some video or at least pictures up of it.

It’s a fun move and can be interesting once you start to get some real height on the swings.

We also did a few other basic moves like shoulder stands and various rolls.

By no means did I pull of anything amazing but since it was my first real introduction I’m happy with it. And I’ll definitely be back, especially working on those swings.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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