Amazing Hand Balancing Feats

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I just read my recent copy of the Dinosaur Files newsletter available from Brooks Kubik. Great training information though much more about lifting heavy weights than hand balancing it did have the following interesting reports I thought worthy of sharing.

These originally come from Gord Venables in the magazine Strength and Health.

Greco Mangini could support his 170-pound brother Bruno for a full minute in a single-arm hand-to-hand stand. He also could walk 50 feet while holding this brother in a single-arm hand-to-hand stand.

At the York Strength Show on November 18, 1939, John Deimar supported five barbells on one foot while balancing himself in a handstand – and for good measure, drank a glass of water while doing so. (At any other picnic, they at least would have of let him enjoy a cold beer!)

I would definitely like to have seen these in action. I don’t even know how you would go about balancing fiver barbells on a single foot!

For those very skilled and reading this, maybe you’ll try to emulate these great hand balancing feats.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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