NLP for Fitness Part 4

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I came up with a drill today based on a drill they recommended, where you spend time at the end of your day reflecting on what you did and what you could do better, specifically adding more resources of what you could do? I highly recommend you try that out.

NLPAnd what I propose is a shorter version just to be done with your workout. After you’ve finished up go through the workout mentally and see what could be improved. Maybe you should have centered yourself before doing that exercise. Perhaps you rushed into another exercise to quickly. Maybe you could have added an mental tactic to this one that may have gotten you better results. Perhaps you should try this when practicing this skill next time. Maybe changing the order would have been better. Maybe doing another set (or one less) could have made it better.

Imagine how that could aid in your improvement. Try it out and let me know what you find.

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