Bodyweight Exercises Book

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You can get my newest book for a bargain price.

Bodyweight Exercises: The Beginner’s Guide to Bodyweight Training

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Also available for the Kindle

I’m not breaking any new ground with this book. But if you want something cheap and effective I encourage you to pick up a copy today.

Every exercise is shown with real pictures and detailed instructions on how to perform it. Inside you’ll find:

* 10 Upper Body Pushing Exercises from Knee Pushups to Full Range Handstand Pushups
* 7 Upper Body Pulling Exercises from the Lean Row to One Arm Chinnups
* 6 Different Bridging Exercises
* 9 Abdominal Movements from the Floor Leg Raise to Power Wheel Rollout
* 9 Leg and Conditioning Exercises from Squats to Hill Sprints
* 3 Easy to Use Bodyweight Grip Exercises
* Plus tons of ideas on workouts and how to progress from one movement to the next.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide to bodyweight training, without all the hype, and without endless variations that serve more to confuse you, and just want to get stronger fast with bodyweight exercises then this book is for you.

It’ll only be this cheap price for a few days so be sure to pick it up now while you can.

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