Old-Time Strongmen Seminar Part 1

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Where do I begin?

How about a brief synopsis. I was in Houston to learn from one of the strongest men in the world, Dennis Rogers. Even among the students there we had some very strong guys. Like ‘The Human Vise’ Pat Povilaitis, Mike ‘The Machine’ Bruce, and Chris ‘As of yet no real nickname’ Rider.

And everyone else was strong too but these men stand out. When you get around this caliber of individuals you’re pretty much expected to tear phonebooks and decks of cards in half. To mangle various sizes of steel with your bare hands.

Today I share a few pictures of the materials in the strongman trade. Here’s a few prize pieces signed and kept by Dennis.

Bent Steel

It’s hard to tell the size of some of the objects but the common objects (like the coffee cup) should give you a frame of reference. Here’s a close up of the ‘S’ wrenches.

Betn Wrench in S

Here’s a hammer done by Chris Rider in the same manner. Very cool looking.

Hammer bent in S

And now for a before and after shot of tearing through many phonebooks.  And no, we weren’t quite done yet. I believe everyone was destroyed. One great thing about the seminar was we all had the opportunity to not only do a feat but get one-on-one attention and all our questions answered.


Torn Phonebooks

That’ll give you an idea of some of the feats the best can perform. Next time I’ll show you a few feats as they’re being performed.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. This kind of training isn’t for everyone. But if you want to do be able to do any of these feats or similar there is one man to turn to, Dennis Rogers.

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