Old-Time Strongmen Seminar Part 2

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Today we feature two rising stars in the small world of performing strongman. You may never have heard the name Chris Rider before. But you will now and definitely more in the future.

In just over a year of practicing these feats he is already one of the top guys. Here are a few pictures of him destroying a big horseshoe. This thing was a beast.

Chris Rider Horsehoe 1

Chris Rider Horsehoe 3

Pat Poviliatus is known as the best horseshoe bender in the world, but that title may soon fall to Chris. You can see the determination of his face. But you don’t get to see the full effort he put out in order to complete this bend. Or hear his yells.

It was awe-inspiring and gave a glimpse of why these guys are so good. They’re willing to push themselves to levels that would scare most people.

He also has strong hair. Although there’s no picture we all witnessed him snap a chain in half using his hair.

Mike ‘the Machine’ Bruce is the other. He has the World’s Strongest Neck but that’s not all. Here we have Tim Fox jumping off a ladder onto his stomach. Yeah, he’s got strong abs too.

Strong Abs

But one of the most amazing feats involved both Chris and Mike. Combining their abilities as only they could. Chris bending a horseshoe across the throat of Mike. Another picture of intensity.

Horseshoe bent on neck

These guys were good, no doubt. But they’re also some of the friendliest people I know (everyone at the event was). It was a pleasure to meet and get to know them.

Check out their blogs at the following to find out more about them and their feats:

Mike the Machine
Chris Rider

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Logan Christopher

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