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Pat Casey

Pat Casey is probably more famous for the record in 1967 when he managed to bench press 615 lb. Pat also broke another record when he squated more than 800 lb in another official contest! Imagine someone of his size doing a weighted dip with 380 extra pounds…Well, that’s exactly what he used to do.

Incline Bench Press by Pat Casey

Incline Bench Press by Pat Casey

Heavy Squats by Pat Casey

Heavy Squats by Pat Casey


Dips by Pat Casey, in this case not weighted

Dips by Pat Casey, not weighted in this case

Bench pressing more than 500 pounds might be a life dream for someone, but not Pat Casey

Bench pressing more than 500 pounds might be a life goal for someone, but not for Pat Casey


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2 Responses to Pat Casey

  1. John Smyth March 28, 2017 at 3:43 pm #

    Phenomenal ! Who was the famous bodybuilder who dipped with more than 400 lbs ? can’t think of his name .

  2. Saul Shocket May 1, 2017 at 7:51 pm #

    Marvin Eder in answer to your question

    I was Pat’s training partner in 1964. We trained at Bill Pearls Gym on Manchester (?) Ave in LA..Great times, great training. On a friendly competitive note, I remember that Pat & I regularly competed with Dallas Long & Bill Thurber. I remember well those dip bars pictured here. On those same bars, I once dipped 255 for a photo session with Cliff Swan & Doug White. Saul Shocket

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